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Automating Assembly of Products with Short Life Cycles

Originally on January 28, 2020 at 11AM ET

Rapid innovation has caused the products we’re building to have compressed product life cycles. It’s not uncommon for modern electronics products to only be on the market for 1-2 years before they’re replaced by new versions which come with more features. Traditionally automation has taken a year or more to deploy and needs to be used for three years or more in order to achieve an attractive ROI. This has resulted in many product assembly lines never getting automated. However, in recent years the automation landscape has changed putting new implementation options on the table. Join Adam Montoya, VP Industrial Solutions at Bright Machines, to learn how modern automation equipment can be deployed faster and repurposed to extend its useful life over multiple products. Come discover how to automate product assembly for modern products with short life cycles while at the same time get a strong ROI on your automation investment.

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Webinar Presenter:

Adam Montoya

Adam Montoya
VP Industrial Solutions

Adam Montoya is the Vice President of Industrial Solutions at Bright Machines with 20 years of experience in the EMS industry. Prior to working at Bright Machines, Adam was a former factory automation leader for a Tier 1 EMS. With a wide range of manufacturing experience from electronics to soft goods, Adam currently works with customers to optimize product and process for Factory of the Future initiatives.

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