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Research ServicesWhile research can include a broad spectrum of topics, here on this site research generally refers product design and engineering research services.

This includes the steps before and during design, in which engineers collaborate on defining the look and feel, functionality, and practical manufacturability of potential products. Through the fusion of industrial design, engineering, and industry-specific fields, parts, materials, and supplies to be used are all carefully considered.

First, engineers identify potential variables and plan out each phase in alignment with the product’s goals and strategies. This requires comprehensive documentation of their findings, as well as rapid prototype creation and testing for feasibility. Second, they work to mitigate any potential risks through stress tests and risk assessments, using that information to help optimize potential products and revise budgets and resources. Next, blueprints are created, and product designs are refined in order to improve performance, reliability, and cost. In the final stage, designs are validated through exhaustive testing and identification of gaps between prototype and prototype.

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Integrated Engineering Software, Inc.

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