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Concentric Maxi Torque - Challenging Issues in Small Spaces

Custom Machine and Tool Co. Inc.

The Concentric Maxi Torque is small-space-precise.  Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc.’s compact 'tight fit' design eliminates the expense and time lost due to shaft modification or extended hubs associated with older generation designs.

Virtually maintenance free, once in place, there are no further adjustments required because the Concentric Maxi Torque remains secure, thus eliminating any degree of shaft damage or eventual misalignment.

How it works

Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. developed and patented the revolutionary hub-to-shaft connection device, the Concentric Maxi Torque, which allows for precise component positioning and tight runout control on demanding applications, while at the same time being simple to install and remove without shaft damage.

Our keyless hub-to-shaft connection device has superior features and benefits compared to other connection systems such as keyways, pins, set screws, clamp collars, and other tapered shaft locking devices.


Easiest and fastest system to assemble and disassemble

CMT Bushing System Benefits

Set Screws:  CMT has higher torque capacity, lower component run-out, better alignment, and no shaft distortion.

Keyways:  CMT has no movement under reversing conditions, maintains both axial and rotational position, and allows for phase control during assembly, increased shaft contact decreases run-out.

Pins:  CMT has higher torque capacity, decreased component run-out, and phase control during assembly, easier assembly/disassembly, and reusable.

Clamp Collars:  CMT requires less space, lower inertia, 360° uniform clamping pressure, lower cost, eliminates component wobble, multiple bore sizes per component.

Other Attachment Systems:  CMT requires less space, lower inertia, and lower cost, smaller outside diameter for minimum component size with maximum bore.



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