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OEM Ready Super Compact Encoders

Quantum Devices, Inc.

Automated equipment designers in the medical, industrial, military and other sectors that require precise, automated motion control constantly strive to reduce the working envelope of their equipment. Whether it is for robotic or cartesian systems, motors and motion control systems are shrinking, while motor torque and accuracy requirements are increasing. Compact and miniature rotary encoders are critical feedback sensing devices in these types of equipment.

In miniature encoders, diameter and length through bore are the primary dimensions that affect overall motion control packages. An encoder is typically mounted on a DC motor shaft, and is used to measure acceleration, speed and rotational position of the motor shaft.

Quantum Devices produces a compact Q35 encoder series (QM35 & QML35) with a 1.44” diameter, and a 0.43″ H, and a unique QM22 miniature encoder with a 0.96” diameter, and a 0.486″ H. with built in commutation.

What sets these two encoders apart though is their integrated BLDC motor commutation capability. In traditional BLDC configurations, it is necessary to have both an encoder and a commutation device (Hall effect sensors/magnets) attached to the motor shaft – a requirement that can add a half an inch or more to the motor/control package. Integrated commutation in the encoder is essential to reducing space requirements and making assembly easier.

In addition to the built-in 4, 6, 8 or 10 pole commutation options these encoders offer resolutions from 200 to 8192 pulses per revolution. Furthermore, because they have a bearingless design, they also feature a very low-no-noise operating profile, a great benefit in products that are used in scanning, moving or positioning humans.

Samples of Q35 encoders can be ordered directly from the company’s website at www.quantumdev.com/encoder-store/qm35/ .

Quantum also works with OEMS who need custom designs for their particular pieces of equipment.



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