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Easy Brushless DC Motor Commutation

Quantum Devices, Inc.

Quantum Devices’ QM35 EZ-Comm is a low-profile incremental encoder that has a full complement of commutation signals built into the base product and a hand-held programming module. The product offers a selection 4, 6, 8, 10 or 14 pole commutation to accommodate a very extensive variety of BLDC motor designs.

In the past, configuring commutation for BLDC motors was a time-consuming, multi-step process that required a worker to determine the precise angle of permanent magnets on a motor’s rotor, and to align this angle with the signals produced by an external commutation device.

These alignment and timing tasks have been greatly simplified by the QM35 EZ-Comm encoder and hand-held programming device. All that is required is the push of a button and two quick rotations of the motor shaft in order to time the motor to the encoder’s commutation signals.

The QM35 EZ-Comm encoder is a high performance, low profile modular design that is ideal for high volume OEM applications and priced competitively for all sizes of motion control projects.

Other significant product features include: bearingless modular design and low profile assembled height, resolutions up to 5000 lines per revolution, through bore sizes up to 0.375" diameter, up to 1Mhz frequency response and high noise immunity. QM35 EZ Comm with programmable commutation is the newest and simplest way to commutate your BLDC motors.

48 hours or less to Ship Encoders for R&D and Prototype Projects

CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR SAMPLE: https://www.quantumdev.com/encoder-store/qm35/



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