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Quantum Devices, Inc.

Quantum Devices, Inc. Model QR145 Optical Incremental Encoder provides an improved feedback solution in applications typically using modular encoders. With an overall height of only 0.87” and the stability of a bearing encoder design, the model QR145 Optical Incremental Encoder can provide significant performance upgrades in applications limited by traditional modular encoder solutions. Outputs consist of a quadrature with reference pulse and three-phase commutation, which can be configured with either the industrial standard 5 volt RS-422A Line Driver or the 5 to 26 volt OL7272 line driver. A flexible member allows for much greater tail shaft run out than can be tolerated by modular encoder designs, plus it provides 30 degrees of rotation for commutation timing. A housing constructed of conductive carbon fiber composite provides the EMI shielding of an all metal housing and the performance of a lightweight robust assembly. Optional IP66 housing available at a fraction of the cost of competitors’ comparable sealed encoders.

QR145 Optical Incremental Encoder Design Features:

  • 500 kHz fundamental frequency response
  • Low profile, 0.87″ assembled height
  • Bearing design simplifies encoder attachment
  • Resolution up to 5000 lines per revolution direct read
  • 4, 6 or 8 pole commutation
  • Conductive carbon fiber housing
  • 1.575″, 1.812″ bolt circle or size 15 resolver mounting
  • Through shaft sizes up to 0.375″ (10mm) diameter
  • High noise immunity
  • Cost competitive with modular encoders
  • Optional IP66 Housing


  • Servo motors
  • Robotics
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • XY gantry

Note: prior to transitioning to RoHS-compliant, the product name was QD145 rather than QR145. Therefore, when cross-referencing a QD145 configuration, simply substitute the configuration prefix with QR145.



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