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TwinSpin Gear M Series


The M series represents TwinSpin high precision reduction gears of mini sizes. The first representative of the series is the size TS 50, and in the near future we plan to introduce even smaller TwinSpin gears that will widen the M series. The M series has retained all the qualities of the larger SPINEA gears. We can proudly say that, in their category, they represent the best gears on the market. The M series is filled with grease for lifetime. The sealing of the M series reduction gears is secured by sealed (2RS) ball bearings, which are used as output bearings of the reduction gear, and they are also used for the housing of the input shaft of the reduction gear. (Slight leakage of the lubricant is allowed). Upon the customer’s request, SPINEA is able to supply a completely sealed reduction gear. This design of the reduction gears allows the mounting of the load directly on the output flange or case without a need of additional bearings.


  • small dimensions and compact design - 55 mm output square                
  • fully sealed by 2RS ball bearings
  • simple installation 
  • zero-backlash reduction gear
  • very low mass - 0,47 kg
  • very high power density
  • peak torque - 36 Nm
  • output deep groove ball output bearing with very low friction
  • very low input inertia
  • very low friction and high efficiency
  • high performance of the reduction gear
    • high precision
    • high torsion rigidity
    • high linearity of torsion chracteristics



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