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Motors - Direct Drive and Hollow Shaft

Model: KDU and MA

Harmonic Drive LLC

High performance hollow shaft brushless servo motors are available with several motor winding and encoder options. They feature a large through-hole that can be used to pass cables, pipes or shafts concentric to the axis of rotation.

The KDU Series are Direct Drive Motors which achieve 10 arc-sec positioning accuracy as well as ±0.5 arc-sec repeatability with a resolution of 0.16 arc-sec. The KDU has a large Hollow Shaft design which allows cables, shafts or lasers to pass through the axis of rotation.

MA Motors

Models: MAC08*200 | MAB09*200 | MAB09*100 | MAB12*200 | MAB15*200 | MAA21A*200

Key Features:

  • AC Servomotor
  • Large Hollow Shaft
  • Absolute Encoder (17 bit single-turn, 16 bit multi-turn)
  • Available in 5 frame sizes
  • Available with or without brake



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