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EGR Valves

Model: by Gits Manufacturing


Gits EGR valves can help you control cooled exhaust flow intake and air to fuel ratio, while helping you reduce engine emission levels.  

Gits Mfg. is a global leading manufacturer that offers emission solutions that can help you. Here is what you can expect when working with Gits:

  • Engine System Level Knowledge to help customer in designing world class products, not just Actuator/Valve technology
  • Robust Design, metal selection to withstand extreme environments.
  • Validated Products in field for decades with excellent performance on literally millions of Wastegate Actuators
  • Weight Reduction on system level for higher power output, as well as ongoing improvements to Fuel Efficiency
  • Low Cost of Ownership relative to performance, reliability, and longevity
  • World class program management to ensure success of project relative to budget and timing.
  • Fast reacting regional technical/commercial teams with support from HQ 24/7

To learn more about what Gits can do for you visit gitsmfg.com or call 1-641-903-2120.



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