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Single Axis Actuator

TBI MOTION Technology Co. Ltd.

Advantages of Modularized Design:
The combination of ball screw and linear guide makes possible simple installation, shorter replacement time, and longer service life. The traditionally used linear platform device requires guides and a choice of drive elements. It also needs repeated calibration and larger space. As a result, the KP Single Axis Actuator series was chosen for economic reasons. It features convenient installation, speed assembly, high rigidity, small size, etc. Moreover, it saves time and space.

Loads from all Directions:
The contact face of ball and groove is designed to be 45° and can bear the same rated load of any type of installation, radially, reverse-radially or laterally.

High Rigidity:
The Ansys optimized U-Rail track design allows the track to be lightweight and to demonstrate higher rigidity at cantilever load, in order to achieve a perfect balance between rigidity and volume.

High Accuracy, Saving Space:
The variable loading helps minimize the frictional resistance damage. Therefore satisfying a high accuracy demand. A combination of the nut with the slide makes saves space and an optimized allocation is possible.



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