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Brushless DC Permanent Magnet Servomotors

Model: F-024-055

Gevasol USA Inc.

Gevasol USA offers its customer F-024 brushless DC permanent magnet servomotors with an integrated brushless Tachogenerator
based on high-energy Samarium Cobalt magnets for high torque capability. These units are delivered as two separate components: the
rotor assembly, the motor stator and tachogenerator assembly. 

The unit is supplied frameless for integration into the customer's end product. Our brushless design also incorporates Hall sensors in
the stator assembly for commutation. The motors meet the requirements
of industrial applications or military/aerospace.


  • Industrial Automation- Robotics
  • Flap/Fin Controls 
  • Antenna Drives
  • Actuators


Specifications Unit Value
Peak Stall Torque Nm 5.5
Continuous Stall Torque (1) Nm 0.55
Peak Current A 30
Continuous Stall Current A 2.6
Rated Voltage Vdc 140
Max Speed RPM 5700
Torque Constant Nm/A 0.22
Back EMF Constant (2) V/rad/sec 0.22
Terminal Resistance (2) Ohm 2.3
Terminal Inductance mH 1
Inertia Kgm² 3.8•10-5
Weight Kg 0.8
Built-in Tachogenerator    
Voltage Gradient V/krpm 1.2
Voltage Ripple (peak-average) % 4
Phase Resistance Ohm 20


(1) With 100 x 100 x 6 mm aluminum heat sink

(2) @ 25ºC ambient




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