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Integrated Stepper Motors

Moons' Industries, Inc.

Fusing a motor with its controlling electronics in one single device does more than just eliminate the cost and bulk of the extra wiring. MOONS' integrated motors improves efficiency, reliability, and electromagnetic compatibility.

TSM Series Integrated Step-Servo Motor:
As the next evolution in stepper motor technology, TSM series integrated motors offer the same high-torque-at-low-speed and excellent holding torque characteristics, with the advantages of true closed-loop control. These advantages include the ability to create peak torques up to 50% higher than open loop motors, as well as cooler and quieter operation

STM Series Integrated Stepper Motor:
The space-saving design of STM series eliminates wiring and help you realized a better cost saving over the conventional motor and drive solutions. With the built-in encoder option, STM integrated motor can be used for Stall Detection or Stall Prevention. Customizable with STM-R series, STM series support multiple control options.

STM-R Series Integrated Stepper Motor:
The STM-R integrated steppers are designed for step & direction (or pulse & direction) control. They are the economical version of STM series.

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