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NexMotion Studio Software


NexMotion Studio is a powerful NexGMC utility designed to shorten the development time of motion and robot applications. It is Microsoft Windows based application and can run in both 32bit and 64bit environments. Useful operations include:

  • EtherCAT Configurator
  • Motion Configurator
  • Real-Time Programing
  • 3D Simulation

Set up / Test of EtherCAT System: EtherCAT Configurator  EtherCAT Configurator

Set up / Test of Motion System: Motion Group Configurator Motion Group Configurator

Real-Time Program Development: Motion Builder Motion Builder

Data Analysis: Motion Analyzer Motion Analyzer

EtherCAT Configuration

Following NexECM, NexGMC is compatible with standard  EtherCAT slaves and NexMotion Studio provides the functionality for users to scan, configure, and test standard EtherCAT slave modules. An ENI file for the EtherCAT system can also be generated with NexMotion Studio.

NexGRC User Scenario

EtherCAT NexGRC Scenario

NexMotion Studio - Motion Configuration

Besides EtherCAT operation, NexMotion Studio is a tool for users to build, configure, and test a motion group, which are combination of single motion axes with mechanical designs. Users can configure all mechanical parameter of the machine in NexMotion Studio, and users will use the configuration directly when develop their control program with the Windows API NexGMC provides.

NexGRC User Scenario

Motion Configuration NexGRC User Scenario



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