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S7-1500 T-CPU: SIMATIC Technology CPUs and Open Controllers

Model: S7-1515SP PC2 T

Siemens Industry, Inc.

With SIMATIC Technology, a single CPU can be used to efficiently and cost-effectively implement a wide variety of application requirements for technological tasks, from Signal acquisition/output to Motion Control and PID Control with consistent quality.

The new SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU opens up new avenues in terms of extended motion control functionalities, such as transmission and cam disk synchronization and controls from 2D to 4D kinematics. The engineering in the TIA Portal is supported by integrated editors in a convenient and clear way.

The SIMATIC Safe Kinematics software library for the fail-safe Technology CPU (CPU 1517TF-3PN/DP), combined with SINAMICS S120 (FW5.1), makes it possible to safely monitor specified kinematic motions in space.

Model Number:
S7-1515SP PC2 T
S7-1515SP PC2 TF
S7-1511T-1 PN
S7-1511TF-1 PN
S7-1515T-2 PN
S7-1515TF-2 PN
S7-1516T-3 PN/DP
S7-1516TF-3 PN/DP
S7-1517T-3 PN/DP
S7-1517TF-3 PN/DP

Are you ready for A New Way of Motion - Easy to program, system simulation, integrated safety and built-in diagnostics. 



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