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MAGNETO 2D Magnetostatic Simulation Software

Integrated Engineering Software, Inc.

MAGNETO provides both Finite Element Method (FEM) and Boundary Element Method (BEM) solvers, so you can select the best analysis method for your application. Get smooth, reliable and extremely accurate results for even the most complex magnetic design problems. Engineers and scientists depend on MAGNETO for the design and analysis of magnetic equipment including:

  • Electromagnet and permanent magnet assemblies
  • AC/DC motors and generators
  • solenoids,
  • relays and actuators
  • sensors
  • magnetic shielding
  • particle accelerator magnets
  • magnetic levitation and bearing systems
  • magnetizing fixtures
  • recording heads

MAGNETO provides outstanding visualization features for detailed analysis of magnetic systems. Automated model creation using built-in API and Parametric Utilities combined with Self-Adaptive BEM and FEM solvers enable rapid optimization of designs and comes complete and ready to use. Purchase of additional modules or options is not needed. MAGNETO is a fully functional CAE tool. A partial list of MAGNETO’S standard features includes:


  • The “Coils and Windings” editor to analyze large number of coils/rotational transients or highly non-linear switching sources and loads
  • Intuitive and structured interface which maximizes productivity for experts and beginners
  • Simulation of voltage, current, permanent magnet and impressed field sources
  • Static and phasor analysis modes
  • Simulation of non-linear ferromagnetic and permanent magnet materials
  • Simulation of lossy magnetic materials
  • Force, torque, flux linkage and inductance calculations
  • A variety of display forms, for plotting scalar and vector field quantities, including graphs, contour plots, arrow plots, profile plots and vector loci plots
  • High quality 3D graphics and text utility for preparation of reports and presentations
  • Data exportable to formatted files for integration with spreadsheets and other software packages
  • Batch function which allows unattended solution of multiple files
  • Powerful parametric feature which allows definition of variable parameters to be stepped through allowing for the analysis of multiple “what-if” scenarios, facilitating design optimization
  • A wide array of post-processing options for design evaluation and optimization
  • Self-adaptative meshing or optional user refinement
  • CAD healing utilities for automatic correction of drafting errors
  • Large library of permanent magnet and ferromagnetic materials to which additional materials can be easily added
  • Enhanced Parametric Optimization




Search-based 2D/RS Magnetic field solver.

Metaheuristic approach for optimizing simulation based electromagnetic designs.

INTEGRATED’s latest innovation “Coils and Windings Editor” to facilitate AC motor design.

Precise calculation of electrical parameters using our proprietary Boundary Element Method (BEM) solvers.

Finite Element Method (FEM) in addition to BEM.

This hybrid approach uses the strength of each method while designing an electromagnetic system.

Built in API, Parametric and/or Scripting capabilities.

The INTEGRATED API enables the direct control of program functions by utility scripts or macros created in tools such as EXCEL or Visual Studio.

Scripting can control the entire process of model creation and testing.

Direct import of models from CAD partners including: Autodesk, PTC, Solid Edge and SolidWorks.

Easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

High resolution 3D graphic representations that can show enhanced tracing of points on a model.

Automatic meshing and removal of intersecting geometries.

World class support team ready to unlock your ideas.

Come discover what 35 years of experience can do for you!



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