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T-Motor U8 Lightweight Hollow Design with Better Heat Dissipation for Hexapod Walking Robot

Model: T-MOTOR U8 KV100,KV135,KV170 Brushless DC motor


Internal Resistance 186mΩ Configuration 36N42P
Shaft Diameter 15mm Motor Dimensions φ86.8*26.5mm
Stator Diameter 81mm Stator Height 8mm
AWG 18# Cable Length 90mm
Weight Including Cables 245g Weight Excluding Cables 240g
No.of Cells(Lipo) 6-12s Idle Current@10v 0.6A
Max Continuous Power 180S 179W Max Continuous current 180S 8A


U-Power Technologies
U8 Efficiency Type
30-120 mins High-end aerial photography/Exploration/Archaelogy/Remote sensing, surveying, and mapping, etc.
Industrial Grade

Patented technology, innovative locking method
No circlip required, easily secure the motor's shaft with two screws.

Lightweight hollow design with better heat dissipation
The unique hollow design allows het to dissipate effectively, prolonging the life of the motor and reducing the overall weight.

Larger Bearings Lower Noise
Larger bearings suitable for disc type motors that operate at a lower RPM, help reduce applied stresses, vibration and noise. These larger bearings satisfy the needs for a smoother, quieter and steadier flight. The efficiency reaches 18g/w (2 times that of comparable motors) at 50% throttle.

Precision Windings - High Standard Silicon Steel Sheet
The precision winding techniques assure a tighter fit between each coil and slot, reducing copper losses. In addition, an advanced 0.2 mm size silicon steel sheet aids in reducing heat and eddy currents further optimizing efficiency.



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