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T-Motor U10 used as actuator for Robotic Dynamics

Model: T-Motor U10 burshless dc motor


mass kg 0.4
peak torque N-m 6.5
continuous torque N-m 1.45
continuous power W 111
torque density N-m/kg 3.63
max speed rpm 4000
static friction N-m 0.048
reflected inertia kg-m^2 0.0001
torque sensing accuracy N-m 0.15
torque sensing max error % 12
?τ>.5N torque bandwidth Hz 70
?τ<.5N torque bandwidth* Hz 250
rise time ms 4.3
peak time ms 10.0
settling time ms 33.4


U-Power Technologies
U10 Efficiency Type
Heavier loads and longer flight times
High-end aerial photography / Exploration / Archaeology / Remote sensing surveying and Mapping etc
Industrial Grade

Recessed Lock Shaft
The set back shaft design makes installation of the U10 easy. Three screws are used to fix the stator and rotor together in a triangular shape for enhanced stability and safety.

Hollow "T" Design Steel Shaft
The unique hollow shaft minimizes the overall motor weight. The "T" shape stell shaft resists deflection under load.

Precision Windings
High Standard Silicon Steel Sheet
The precision winding techniques assure a tighter fit between each coil and slot, reducing copper losses. In addition, an advanced 0.2 mm size silicon steel sheet aids in reducing heat and eddy currents further optimising efficiency.

Larger Bearings Lower Noise
The adoption of larger bearings reduce applied stresses, vibration and noise in the motor. These larger bearings satisfy the needs for a smoother, quieter and steadier flight.

Match with T-Motor CF Props for Various Requirements

  • U10
  • 80kv, 6~ 12S
  • 100kv, 6~ 12S
  • 4.5kg/ARM Hover Thrust
  • 8.9kg/ARM Max Thrust
  • 12g/w Efficiency

Perfect Compatibility
Support CF props & Plastic props with 8mm central hole. Compatible with T-MOTOR CF26, CF27, CF28, CF29 & CF30. (Note: Additional use of 8*10 copper adapter should be employed with propellers of 10mm central hole)



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