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Custom Timing Pulley with Value Added Assembly

Custom Machine and Tool Co. Inc.

Custom Products

Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. has been customizing motion control and power transmission components since 1964.  To compliment your component and to make it easier for you, CMT will assemble bushings, bearings and auxiliary parts in a wide variety of configurations.  Send us your drawing for a prompt quote.

Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. specializes in precision timing pulleys and keyless locking devices

Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc.’s product offering contains all types of popular precision timing pulley tooth designs including:

  • Trapezoidal Profiles: 40 DP (.0816"), MXL (.080"), XL (.200"), L (.375") and H (.500")
  • HTD metric curvilinear profiles: 3MM, 5MM, 8MM, 14MM
  • Gates PowerGrip® GT®2 (PGGT) Profiles: 2MM, 3MM, 5MM, 8MM
  • Goodyear SuperTorquePd®: 3MM, 5MM, 8MM
  • Gates Poly Chain® GT®2 (PGGT): 8MM
  • Metric Profiles: T2.5, T5, T10, T20 
  • AT Metric Profiles: AT3, AT5, AT10, AT20 
  • Gears up to AGMA Quality 8,  8-64 DP, .5-2 MOD
  • Various Sprockets - #25 to #60 Chain

CMT provides custom and industry standard precision timing pulleys, with or without the Concentric Maxi Torque bushing, in all industry standard belt widths. Zero backlash option also available.

The Concentric Maxi Torque - patented keyless hub-to-shaft connection system

Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. developed and patented the revolutionary hub-to-shaft connection device, the Concentric Maxi Torque (CMT), which allows for precise component positioning and tight runout control on demanding applications, while at the same time being simple to install and remove without shaft damage.

Our keyless hub-to-shaft connection device has superior features and benefits compared to other connection systems such as keyways, pins, set screws, clamp collars, and other tapered shaft locking devices.



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