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Atlas® Ultra-compact Digital Amplifier

Model: MD Series

Performance Motion Devices

Atlas® Digital Amplifiers are compact single-axis amplifiers that provide high-performance torque control for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and Step motors. They are packaged in a compact, solderable module and are ideal for use in positioning motion control, velocity control, and precision force control applications. Atlas amplifiers come in both a vertical and horizontal mounting configuration and are available in three power ranges; 75W, 250W, and 500W. Atlas Digital Amplifiers are used for direct control of motor torque or in conjunction with higher-level motion controllers providing position or velocity control functions. They are ideally suited for applications such as medical equipmentlaboratory automation, scientific instruments, general-purpose motion control, force feedback, and actuator control.

Performance Motion Devices Developer Kits are easy-to-use board and software packages that significantly reduce motion system design time. These boards are provided in one axis or multi-axis (up to four) configurations, and in horizontal and vertical mount configurations. All configurations come with L-bracket or baseplate mounting hardware for easy heat sinking of the Atlas module.

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