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Turnkey and Customized Vision Inspection Solutions

Integro Technologies

Integro Technologies provides turnkey and customized vision inspection solutions and machine vision consulting for label and product packaging, container inspection, glass bottle inspection, food package seal inspection, label verification, plastic container inspection, contents inspection, and more. We provide the following machine vision integration consulting services for end-users, system integrators, and machine builders.

  • 911 Vision Rescue for faulty machine vision systems
  • Turnkey machine vision system installation
  • Customized OEM solutions
  • Training for machine vision technology applications
  • Optimization of existing optical systems for inspection
  • Technology review of machine vision systems for upgrades
  • Communication troubleshooting to other devices
  • Robotic system integration with vision systems
  • Support to improve hardware/software performance
  • Integro VisionVault User Traceability and Data Archiving Package

Integro Technologies has one of the most dedicated field service workforces in the machine vision industry. Whether you require system start-up, equipment servicing, emergency response, turnkey solutions or in-house staff support, Integro Technologies will meet your needs.



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