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MXC Multi-Axis Motion Controller

Model: Multi-axis motion controller

Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

Allied Motion's MXC series is our advanced multi-axis motion controller platform with up to six advanced servo drives plus master controller, all in one compact modular mini rack unit.

The integrated servo drive modules are rated up to 15 A continuous output with a bus voltage from 12 up to 80 VDC to accommodate a broad range of motors. Use the MXC as your embedded, standalone or bus-connected machine controller for truly impressive performance in multi-axis applications.

Power Supply: 12 - 80 VDC
Axes: Up to 6
Output Voltage (VDC): 10-78
Rated Output Current (DC equiv.): 5, 14 (40 total per rack)
Rated Output Power (W): 340, 1000 (up to 2900 per rack)
Bus: Ethernet



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