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KinetiMax 42 EB

Model: Brushless DC Motors with an integrated drive

Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

Allied Motion Technologies introduces the KinetiMax 42 EB, a 42-mm diameter outer rotor, brushless DC motor with an integrated drive. Extremely compact, the KinetiMax 42 has a robust bearing system capable of handling high side loads. It has a minimum operating life of 20,000 hours. The KinetiMax has an integrated speed control loop with speed set input to adjust motor speed from 150 to 5000 RPM.

The external rotor and iron-core stator minimize cogging and maximize output torque. The higher inertia of the outer rotor design enables a smoother running motor even at low speed. The KinetiMax 42 is equipped as standard with thermal overload protection with automatic recovery, and reverse supply voltage protection.

KinetiMax 42 offers a cost-effective solution for applications including smaller capacity pumps, fans and blowers, scanners, and similar applications that require smooth fixed or variable speed control.

KinetiMax 42 highlights include:

  • 70 mNm rated torque and 31 W output at 4300 RPM
  • 6-wire version with tachometer output (18 pulses per rev) for speed monitoring, speed input and direction input
  • Choice of 12 or 24 VDC winding
  • IP54-rated protection
  • Low EMI (complies with EN55014-1/2, 61000-6-1/3)
  • Options include customized shaft, mounting flange, leads and connector configurations, and special winding voltage rating.



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