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Ironless Motor

Model: UC Series


In contrast to iron core motors, these motors feature an ironless coil unit, so there is no attraction force or cogging between the coil unit and the magnet track. This is what gives ironless motors their light weight, superior precision, a linear force constant and extremely dynamic velocity, acceleration and deceleration. Continuous force ranges from 10N all the way up to 846N with peak force of up to 4200N.

UC SERIES - FP 36..72N FC 10..20N

The UC is our smallest “off the shelf” motor. Weighing in at just a few grams, this versatile, compact and affordable motor  is still able to sustain a continuous force of 10 or 20N.

Due to its low weight it is also suited to operate in a vertical application environment. Like all ironless motors it exhibits no cogging and has zero attraction force between the Coil Unit and the magnets.

Coil Units: UC3 - UC6 
Magnet Plates: UC96 - UC99 - UC264Ironless Motor Power Range



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