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Easy Servo Drives (Closed Loop Stepper Drives)

Leadshine Technology

By adopting high resolution encoders, Leadshine easy servo drives apply servo controls on stepper motors, the same mechanism in those expensive brushless servo drives. In a Leadshine easy servo system, shaft position of the stepper motor is fed back to the servo drive in real time. The easy servo drive can then close the position loop and correct any position errors to eliminate loss of steps commonly seen in open-loop stepper motors.

Leadshine easy servo drives inherit favored features of both open loop stepper and brushless servo drives. When combined with easy servo motors (stepper motors with encoders), Leadshine easy servo systems solve the fatal problem “loss of steps” of open loop step systems. Other drawbacks of open loop stepper systems like high motor & drive heating and noise are also significantly improved. At fractional cost of expensive brushless servo systems, Leadshine easy servo system can upgrade your stepper systems to servo like performance with extra low motor heating, quick response & acceleration, and no torque reservation. In comparison to brushless servo systems, Leadshine easy servo systems outperform in much lower cost, no hunting, no overshooting, almost zero settling time, no tuning for most applications.

Currently, Leadshine offers two series of easy servo drives. The ES-D series easy servo drives which take input voltage of 20-80 DC or max 80AC input to power motors from NEMA 23 to 34. Our ES-DH series easy servo drives can take direct 110 / 120 or 220 / 230 AC input to get rid of power supplies and power motors up to NEMA 42 easy servo motors to provide huge torque for big machines.



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