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Eliminator HDL™ Heavy Duty Linear Actuators with Load Cell Option

Model: HDL201, HDL304, HDL406, HDL516, HDL625

EDrive Actuators Inc.

The ELIMINATOR HDL™ replaces hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators with an electromechanical linear actuator with a Load Cell. This combines force measurement with heavy duty and precise linear motion. It provides a clean, simple, rugged, and economical capability to directly and continuously monitor axial force while simultaneously applying that force.

This ball screw actuator can measure force in both tensile and compressive modes. The heavy wall steel construction and high dynamic capacity components ensure longevity and durability for production processes. Bearing press, component insertion, and product testing, are typical applications where this would be useful. As an integral package, the ELIMINATOR HD™ with load cell is less expensive and much easier to align than traditional ball screw component systems. As a sealed assembly, it is far less susceptible to contamination and physical damage.



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