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Safety for every application

Siemens Industry, Inc.

With its integrated drive and motion control solutions, Siemens protects your people, your machines and the environment.

Machine and drives safety are top concerns and one of the fastest growing segments of today’s manufacturers. Siemens is leading the way with integrated safety technology — improving plant safety while significantly increasing your overall productivity. Moving the classic safety functions into the drives and motion control system not only allows for faster action, but it also eliminates the costly and troublesome electro-mechanical devices that are prone to failure and often difficult to troubleshoot. Advanced safety functions and monitoring have opened the way for new machine designs to allow for faster changeover and higher levels of protection from manipulation of safety circuits.

Thanks to our integration of safety functions in drive and control technology, safety is particularly efficient and cost-effective. Safety technology integrated in standard automation entails the advantages of considerably less engineering expenditure and increased availability. Your machine can be operated safely and conveniently under all required operating conditions, such as in setup mode when interaction with the machine is required.

Features of drives-based safety include:

  • Functions to safely stop drives
  • Functions to safely monitor motion
  • More dependable than conventional electro-mechanical devices
  • Increased machine safety yields increased productivity
  • Shorter response times due to integration into the drive system
  • Monitored movement for operator interaction
  • Management locally or over a communications network

Safety standards:

  • Category 3 according to EN 954-1
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 according to EN 61508
  • Performance Level (PL) d according to EN ISO 13849-1



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