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Right Angled Gearmotor System

Model: MMP BL58-412 GRA52 Series

Midwest Motion Products

Midwest Motion Products Inc., based in Howard Lake, Minnesota, is pleased to announce the release of the new “GRA52” Right Angled Gearmotor System.

This new 1:1 Right Angled Gearbox allows for significantly increased versatility, and design whose geometry allows for the unit to be mounted in tight spaces.

We employ our Standard Brushed or Brushless DC Motors and Planetary Gearheads to complete the new R/A Design.

The drawing is of a standard MMP TM57 Series Brushed Motor, attached to one of our Standard Planetary Gearheads via our new R/A Gearbox design.


  • Cost effective design – as low as $250*
  • Very Versatile – Output Ratios ranging from 3.7:1 to 2076:1
  • Fully Reversible Design
  • Readily available – Samples can be built from Stock Material
  • High Volume capacity

*Based on a 100 unit order, for the MMP D22-301 Series Motor, paired with a single stage output gearhead

Compact and Lightweight design Performance Highlights

  • Output Speed from 1-1500 RPM
  • Continuous Output Torque to 443 In-Lbs
  • Current draw from > 1A to 8A Continuous
  • Brushed and Brushless Motor configurations
  • Input voltages from 12V to 90V DC
  • Keyed, 12mm diameter output shaft
  • Compact and Lightweight design (see drawing)
  • CAD Files available



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