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Magnetic Assemblies

Yunsheng USA

Assembling high-powered magnets to rotors or yokes, working with a broad range of adhesives and properly magnetizing assemblies does not generally fall within the core competency of most companies.  Neodymium magnets are notoriously difficult to hold in place for assembly without carefully designed fixtures for assembly.  Improper adhesion and curing of the magnets to the substrate could lead to poor glue bonds, magnets shifting and demagnetizing during the curing process.  Lastly, improper usage of magnetizers result inadequately saturated magnetic assemblies.

Yunsheng specializes in magnet production and the assembly of magnets to rotors and yokes and each other.   We were able to offer a lower-cost, high productivity solution. Yunsheng has been providing magnetic assembly solutions since 2005, and boasts over a decade of experience in: designing specialty fixtures; selection of appropriate substrate materials; knowledge in adhesives and other magnet retention solutions; as well as properly magnetizing assemblies.



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