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U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive

Yaskawa America, Inc.

Yaskawa’s latest innovation, the U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive, is the company’s greenest drive ever, going beyond the performance of conventional drives. Enjoy extremely low harmonic distortion and regeneration in a space-saving design, completely without the need for additional components. Unlike conventional drives, Yaskawa’s Matrix technology employs a system of 9 bi-directional switches that are arranged in a matrix to convert a three-phase AC input voltage directly into a three phase AC output voltage. This eliminates the need for a rectifying circuit and DC smoothing circuit that are used in traditional AC drive “inverters.” The result is a compact drive with full regenerative capability and reduced harmonic distortion.

Full Power Regeneration:

Traditional drives utilize regenerative braking resistors to dissipate energy as heat, reducing energy efficiency. The U1000 Industrial Matrix drive allows you to return regenerative energy directly back to the power supply, increasing energy efficiency and saving money.

Power Quality Improvement:

When a conventional AC Drive converts power, the input current becomes distorted, resulting in reduced power quality. Matrix technology reduces total harmonic distortion levels to 5%, without the need for reactors and filters. The result is a smoother current waveform that reduces stress on the system power supply and infrastructure. Additionally, reduced distortion improves power factor and thus, reduces energy costs.

Primary Features

• Fully Regenerative

• Low Input Distortion across a Wide Load and Speed Range

• IEEE-519 Compliant (<5% THD)

• Eco-Mode to Achieve Near Across-the-Line THD

• Near Unity Power Factor

• Integrated Input Fusing Provides 100kA SCCR

• Compact Design

Available in these voltage and power ranges:

• 240V Class: 10 – 100 HP Normal Duty (7.5 – 75 HP Heavy Duty)

• 480V Class: 7.5 – 800 HP Normal Duty (5 – 7500 HP Heavy Duty



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