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Product/Service Catalog

MP2000 Series Machine Controllers

Model: MP2200/MP2300

Yaskawa America, Inc.

Yaskawa offers it’s most powerful machine controller in the MP2000 series. MP2000 products synchronize sequence control and motion control in one tightly integrated platform. Position, speed, torque, and phase control such as electronic gearing and electronic cam profiles are available for complex motion in case-packing, form-fill-seal, labeling, and flow-wrapping machinery. A high speed motion network, Mechatrolink-II, controls Sigma II and Sigma III amplifiers, inverters, and I/O blocks at 10 Mbps. Rotary, linear, and direct drive servomotors are available in 110, 230, and 480 VAC options. The controller’s modular design can be self-configured to reduce setup time by automatically recognizing networked amplifiers and option modules. MotionWorks (MPE770), software provides an integrated development environment for all programming and troubleshooting.



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