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IS23x Digital Stepper Motors, Size 23

Technosoft Motion Technology

The IS23x-DS digital step motors include motor and digital drive in a single package operating from a 12-48 V single power supply. Targeted for medium to high volume applications, the IS23x-DS motors are based on a cost optimised design. This embeds all the basic motor control functions inside the motor itself. The IS23x-DS uses a NEMA 23 frame size, 1.80 high torque motor together with a micro stepping drive. High-resolution settings of up to the equivalent of 256 microsteps / step can be used, leading to a total of up to 51200 microsteps over one rotation of the motor. Motor run and hold currents are also definable by the user. For an on-the-shelf usage, the IS23x-DS motors are factory configured to cover the most usual operation modes and parameters. Using on-board jumpers, one can select: pulse & direction or analogue reference mode; position or speed control; nominal or boosted torque; stand-by current value and microstep resolution. For advanced users, the IS23x-DS motors are configurable using the EasySetUp program. Using a programming adapter, the program allows you to: read / write setup configuration from the motor or from a data file from your computer; perform basic functionality tests of the motor; setup operational parameters within accepted values range; define scaling factors for the reference signals; visualize motor operation via the data logger and control panel modules.



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