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Custom Solution for Motor Production Equipment

Marsilli North America Inc.

MARSILLI is a worldwide leader in Winding & Assembly Systems for motors where precision, flexibility and customization are mandatory. Designing, assembling and delivering equipment with unique passion, MARSILLI provides completely reliable solutions together with stunning quality.

To support motor manufacturers who are moving towards a new generation of BLDC stators, Marsilli has several different winding methods, some of which have been developed from our experience in the coil winding industry, such as spindle winding and flyer winding, other methods have been developed specifically for motor winding, such as needle winding on open stators or needle winding on closed stators.

Marsilli’s large portfolio covers every possible production requirement, going from the fully automated system to high production stand alone machines to production modules and rotary dials.

♦ Lines and high performance systems

Over the years Marsilli has developed a very high level of expertise in the realization of automatic systems for the production of wound components for the motor market. The automation level is determined in relation to production and traceability needs of our clients in order to achieve complete system customization.

On board, the winding station is the main unit and other operating units are developed around it such as preparing, finishing, test and assembling. Furthermore, in response to clients who have appreciated the results that we have been able to achieve in automation, Marsilli has also expanded its business to the production of assembly systems that are not winding related.

♦ Semi automatic systems

When production needs do not require completely automatic solutions and one or several operators work on the system, Marsilli can provide a wide range of customized solutions such as small production systems, rotary dials, independent production modules. This choice allows you to achieve a great compromise between investment and production output.



♦ Stand alone machines

MARSILLI stand alone machines are designed to produce wound components that are suitable for any coil and motor related application. Based on many years of experience, our stand alone machines stand out for their robustness, reliability and versatility. The work cycle can easily be modified and saved with absolute repeatability of the operations and accurate positioning time after time.



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