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0.9 Degree Step Motors

Model: Various NEMA sizes

Applied Motion Products

0.9 degree step motors are advantageous when microstepping drives are not available. 0.9 degree step motors have twice the step resolution (400 steps/rev) than 1.8 degree step motors (200 steps/rev), and because of this they run inherently smoother when driven with full or half step drives.

Most microstepping drives with 1/10th step resolution or better will provide equal or better smoothness benefits with a 1.8 degree step motor. However in some applications microstepping is not an option, such as when a basic full or half step drive is used, and for these applications a good way to gain smoothness is to use a 0.9 degree motor.

The 0.9 degree step motor offering from Applied Motion includes NEMA frame sizes 14, 17 and 23:

Part Number Frame Size Holding Torque (oz-in)
5014-897 NEMA 14 9.91
HT17-221 NEMA 17 31.15
HT17-222 NEMA 17 12.75
HT23-559 NEMA 23 155.77
HT23-560 NEMA 23 67.97



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