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Needle Winding Machine for Motor Stator Winding

Model: Ne|W

Marsilli North America Inc.

Your tailormade platform



Ne|W is the platform created by MARSILLI for needle winding technology

Three years from the launching of the platform and following a lot of hands-on experience it is clear that our customers have chosen and choose it for its matchless flexibility, meaning that they can adopt it to produce one product and then choose to use it for a different product without needing Marsilli to intervene directly. This is possible thanks to the electric motors which actuate the Ne|W making each movement programmable.

On top of that, from a production point of view, Ne|W is also incredibly re-configurable: it is possible to increase the number of needles in time, to respond to the needs of the product.

The Ne|W platform with its combination of flexibility, dynamism and re-configurability has reached the top of the most popular Needle solutions according to our most demanding customers.

Process flexibility


Demonstration of spindle and needle indexing

The winder was designed to perform in different ways: Needle indexing or Spindle indexing

- Needle indexing 
The stator is stationary during winding. All needle movements are motorized and programmable and managed in direct drive mode (no cam system, no belts, no lead screw). 

- Spindle indexing 
The needle only moves vertically.

It is also possible to equip the system with all features needed to run both ways.

Product flexibility


Straight slot stators and skewed slot stators

It is possible to wind Straight Slot Stators and Skewed Slot Stators.
You only use the program to swap between the two modes.

The Ne|W can be configured for small or big stators (max 300 mm OD).

Wire routing


Animation of lower and upper wire routing

The wire guide is tilted at a 90° angle (90° for the needle winding and 0° for wire passage).
The wire guide has additional possible inclinations (0°, 90°, 135°) for wire routing on the bottom part of the stator.

Easy to program

The system is conceived to guarantee the maximum flexibility and configurability.
Parametrical data management allows: 

  • error proofing (anti-collision) on needle trajectory
  • choice of the optimized trajectory
  • no mechanical adjustment if the number of teeth per stator change
  • teach-in mode

A complete portfolio of solutions


Needle Winding Machine for Motor Stator Winding, Stand-alone

Production Lines

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