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8LS Servo Motors

B&R Industrial Automation

High dynamics and strong performance
The new 8LS servo motors are highly dynamic and offer a high torque-overload ratio. They are per-fectly suited for applications such as plastics processing, printing presses and servo pumps. With a flange size of 142 mm, the new motors deliver excellent torque density. Customers profit from more power with smaller space requirements. They can be combined with any of B&R's many gearbox options and shipped as pre-assembled motor-gearbox combinations.

Safety included
All motors from the 8LS series are offered with an optional digital encoder and optional safety functions. For the majority of speed variants, motors up to size 7 are also available with a single-cable solution that combines the cables for the motor and encoder. This reduces cabling to a minimum and substantially re-duces installation costs.  



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