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Handheld E-Stop for Instant Safety

Humanistic Robotics, Inc.

Workplace accidents can have disastrous effects for safety and costs. HRI’s Wireless Emergency Stop works to prevent accidents by allowing anyone to immediately and safely shut down machine operation. The handheld device makes it easy for team members to quickly intervene in dangerous situations from wherever they are, reducing the risk of injury or process failure. It’s a valuable tool in keeping your employees and property safe around large equipment.

Our Wireless E-Stop is equipped with HRI’s SafetySense® technology—a proprietary two-way protocol that includes multiple layers of hardware and software to continuously monitor the wireless link. This advanced technology ensures the most reliable wireless signal available today, even at long range. That means operators can intervene from a safe distance and trust that their “Stop” command will always be heard.

The E-Stop is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of any environment, and is ideal for industrial settings and outdoor use. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to carry anywhere. HRI’s Wireless E-Stop can also be integrated with your existing E-Stop system to add long-range stop capabilities.

Features: Dual E-Stop input and output loops. Designed to meet ISO 13849 PLd Cat 3. Monitoring via USB, CAN or serial interface. IP66 enclosure to withstand harsh conditions. OEM version available where enclosure and connectors aren't necessary.

When people and property are at risk, HRI’s Wireless E-Stop provides immediate safety and unlimited peace of mind. Contact us today to find out how we can make your worksite safer and more productive.



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