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QM22 Series Incremental Encoders

Quantum Devices, Inc.

  • Bearingless modular design
  • Multiple commutation options
  • Resolutions to 2500
  • Miniature Package Size
  • 500kHz Frequency Response

Quantum Devices, Inc. Model QM22 is a high performance, small diameter modular encoder ideal for high volume OEM applications and priced competitively for all sizes of motion control projects. The QM22’s versatile electrical configurations include lines counts up to 2500* and several commutation options*. The QM22’s patent lock-n-twist mechanism simplifies installation; saving production time and money. Perfect for NEMA 11 BLDC servo applications.

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage 5 VDC ± 5%
Input Current Requirements 35mA Typ., 50mA Max Plus Interface Loads
Input Ripple 2% Peak to Peak @ 5 VDC
Incremental Output Circuits (ABZ) 26C31 20mA Sink or Source Max (TTL Compatible)
Commutation Output Circuits (UVW) (B) Open Collector 4mA Sink Max, Pull Up Voltage 30 VDC Max
(C) Open Collector with 2k? pull-ups, 4mA Sink Max
Incremental Output Format Quadrature A leading B for CCW rotation viewed from encoder top.
Max Operating Frequency 500Khz or 15,000RPM
Commutation Format Three Phase 4, 6, or 8 poles
Commutation Accuracy ± 2° mechanical
Interpolation Factors 500/512PPR = 2x, 1000/1024PPR = 4x
2000/2048PPR = 8x, 2500PPR = 10x

Environmental Specifications

Storage Temperature -40 to 125° C
Operating Temperature -30 to 115° C
IP Rating 40
Humidity 90% Non-Condensing
Vibration 20 g's @ 25 to 2,000 Hz
Shock 100 g's @ 6mS Duration

Mechanical Specification

Bore Minimum Diameter Bore Size +0.0002”
Recommended Shaft Tolerance +0.0000”/-0.0005”
Minimum Shaft Engagement 0.490” [12.5mm]
Allowable Shaft Run Out 0.002" [0.05mm] TIR [±0.001" shaft radial play from initial shaft position of assembled encoder]
Allowable Axial Shaft Movement ± 0.010" [± 0.25mm]
Mounting 1.024” [26mm] Bolt Circle
Dynamic Commutation Adjustment Range 26° mechanical
Moment of Inertia 4.0 x 10?6 oz-in-s²



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