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XD-Series Indexer Servo Drive

ORMEC Systems Corp.

ORMEC's XD-Series Indexing Servo Drive is a high performance, single-axis controller full of features that are typically only found in multi-axis integrated products.

MotionSet software for the Indexer reduces typical set-up times from days to hours or even minutes. Pre-defined application templates are ready to 'load-and-go' and serve as a time-saving starting point for program development.

The XD Indexer can be customized for OEM applications.

Key Features

Motion Features

  • 32 independent motion profiles
  • Incremental and absolute Indexing, Gearing, Registration, Camming, Blended Moves, Homing, Jog and Others
  • Motion profiles can be mapped to I/O, initiated via Modbus TCP, and chained or looped
  • Synchronized motion with machine I/O is supported; Start, Stop or Trigger speed changes with inputs at any point in the chain
  • On-the-fly transitions between Position, Velocity, Torque or Tension modes
  • User units definable for the axis Position, Speed and Acceleration simplifies implementation
  • Resolution scaling of quadrature output
  • Safety Circuit for implementing ISO 13849-1


  • An HMI or an optional Fieldbus communication allows motion parameter adjustments, remotely commanded motion and read real-time status of the Indexer(s)
  • Set-up is accomplished via standard USB or Ethernet connections
  • Modbus TCP is standard; One other Fieldbus may be added (Ethernet/IP)
  • Adaptable I/O, 14 inputs, 8 outputs and 1 analog input to support machine control; optional 2nd analog input and 1 analog output
  • Functions easily mapped to I/O points, 1 or 2 functions per point

Wide Power Range

  • 200V and 400V Series with 14 models available
  • Available in 115, 230 and 460 VAC input power
  • Continuous current ratings from 3 to 60 Amp
  • 600 W to 24 kW of motor output power

Motor Integration

  • ORMEC's cost-effective motors for the Indexer are the M-Series motors
  • A built-in Motor Wizard is included to easily integrate with almost any other servo motor



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