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SMC-4000 Motion Controller

Model: SMC-4000

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The SMC-4000 is a multi-axis motion controller available in either two or four axis and comes standard with Ethernet communication. The SMC-4000 has the same easy BASIC-like text programming as the SMC-3010 and original SMC-2000 series. The SMC-4000 is designed for use with Yaskawa’s LEGEND and Sigma II servo amplifier series and complements Yaskawa’s “7” series variable speed drives. Plug-and-play cables provide a quick and easy amplifier connection while the standard Ethernet feature provides seamless communication to the Yaskawa inverter family with the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. This same feature enables the addition of many third-party Ethernet I/O devices. The SMC-4000 provides several modes of operation, including point-to-point positioning, multi axis interpolation, and following of external devices via gear ratio or cam profile.



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