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Galil DMC-41x3 Motion Controller

Model: DMC-41x3

Galil Motion Control Inc.

The DMC-41x3 motion controller is one of Galil's latest generation motor controllers. Compared with the DMC-21x3 Econo controller, the DMC-41x3 offers the following enhancements: 100BASE-T Ethernet, aux RS232 port, USB port, uncommitted analog inputs, accepts 15 MHz encoder frequencies, more program memory, and faster sample frequencies.The DMC-41x3 also accommodates the same stepper and servo motor drives used in the DMC-40x0 Accelera series and allows two 4-axis 500 W drives to be installed in the 8-axis controller package. The DMC-41x3 is available as a box-level or card-level motion controller. The unit operates stand-alone or interfaces to a PC with Ethernet 10/100BASE-T, or USB. It includes optically isolated I/O in addition to analog inputs and outputs.

The DMC-41x3 controller and drive unit accepts power from a single 20-80 VDC source. The DMC-41x3 is available in one through eight axis formats, and each axis is user-configurable for stepper or servo motor operation. Standard programming features include PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, multitasking for simultaneously running up to eight programs, and I/O processing for synchronizing motion with external events. If the standard features of the DMC-41x3 doesn't meet an application's requirements, we will cost-effectively customize it to meet the requirements.



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