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TAMBOURINE-100 - Smart, High Current Power Supply for Servo Applications

Elmo Motion Control, Inc.

Smart, High Current Power Supply for Servo Applications – up to 60kW output power, up to 3X528VAC


The Tambourine-100 is Elmo's latest smart, powerful, high-current-power supply designed to power multiple servo drives.

The Tambourine-100 rectifies AC input voltage of up to 3x528VAC, into filtered DC voltage with output current of 100A continuous and 200A peak.

Tambourine 100 Highlights :

  • 100A continuous output current
  • AC input (50 to 500Hz)
  • Three-phase operation only
  • Direct-to-mains operation capability
  • High regenerative (braking) capability
  • Active zero crossing inrush current limit
  • EMC filtering "inside"
  • Use I/O level to control On/Off output power
  • UL, IEC, CE, compliant


  • Rectifies AC input voltages of up to 3×528VAC into filtered DC voltage with an output current of 100A continuous and a 200A peak.
  • The number of servo drives powered by a single Tambourine-100 power supply is limited only by the total power consumption of the servo drives and not by the output current of the Tambourine-100. Therefore, a number of servo drives can be powered by a single Tambourine-100, as long as the total sum of these drives' power-consumption is below 100A.
  • Either operates directly from the mains when feeding isolated servo drives or via an isolation transformer when non- isolated servo drives are employed.
  • Has regenerating braking capability that enables fast braking of high inertia.
  • Has built-in active zero crossing inrush current limiters that limit the power-on currents to low levels, reducing turn-on stress from the mains.
  • Has internal EMC filtering that eliminates the necessity for external devices, therefore complies with CE and other EMC regulations.
  • Has a metallic book shelf (panel mount) structure, enabling simple and fast mounting.



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