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PFC2400W375 Power Supply

ADVANCED Motion Controls

The PFC2400W375 is a regulated DC power supply designed to feed 400V series servo drives with a low noise 375 VDC bus. Universal single-phase AC input 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz with power factor correction and low harmonic distortion along with soft starting circuitry guarantees global high performance reliable operation. This new power supply is designed to achieve power factor improvement, improve performance and ensure consistent operation regardless of the local power company’s voltage levels and quality.


  • Nominal Input 100-240VAC @ 50/60Hz (86VAC Min, 264VAC Max)
  • Output 375VDC +/-2%
  • Continuous DC output current 6.4A @ 240VAC input
  • Efficiency at full load 97%
  • Power factor >0.95 @ 250W, up to >0.99 above 250W
  • Leakage current < 180µA @ 240VAC/60Hz
  • Built-in shunt regulation to handle excess regeneration
  • Min class A EMI without external line filter
  • 5kV isolation to chassis/PE
  • Fault status logic output for power sequencing
  • Soft start pre-charging circuitry to limit the inrush current

Projected Industries & Applications:
Because of its energy-saving and therefore cost-saving capabilities, The PFC2400W375 is perfect for correcting the power for high voltage applications in manufacturing and material handling facilities with many machines. In farmed applications where dozens or hundreds of machines are installed in the same building, the AC waveform can degrade to the point where power distribution becomes inefficient. In severe cases without power factor correction, the AC service wires within the facility may need to be de-rated in order to carry the heavier load. Costs are increased due to the capital expense of upgrading the wiring or by reducing the facility's capacity (an opportunity loss), as well as increasing the electric bill because more power is needed to run the machines.  If the distorted AC extends out of the building then the utility provider may also charge penalties. Using power supplies with power factor correction to prevent the waveform degradation is the best way to circumvent these problems.



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