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NANO Index Technologies

Motion Index Drives, Inc.

Motion Index Drives’ NANO Index Technology is a series of barrel cam indexers equipped with a specially designed cam to achieve extremely high accuracies. This line is the most accurate series of barrel cam indexers in the world, with accuracies as high as 0.002 mm or 0.0001". Motion’s NANO Index Technology can be used for any application where extremely high accuracy and repeatability is required, such as electronic device assembly, microchip assembly, circuit board assembly, microscopic movement, laser interfaced applications, precision medical equipment manufacturing or 4-color printing applications.

Advantages for designers and machine builders

  • Oscillating index operation capabilities
  • Easy synchronization of other mechanical devices
  • Large center thru-hole to feed pneumatic, electrical and other lines
  • Housing machined on all sides for use in any mounting position

Technical benefits for end users

  • NANO Index Technology is applied to our standard line of Rotary Index Drives
  • In-station true accuracy of 0.002 mm (0.0001"), 8 arc seconds or better
  • NANO equipped indexers actively seek dwell
  • Equipped with servo motor
  • This unit can offer nearly 100% accuracy and repeatability

Options available

  • Reinforced output flange
  • Nickel-plated output flange and shafts
  • Special output flange adapters to seal out any contaminants
  • Custom index and dwell angles
  • Clean room ready with MEDEX Index Drives



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