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b maXX-drivePLC drive-based PLC

Baumuller Nuermont Corporation

One of the world's fastest drive-based PLCs

With a cycle time of 100 μs for 1000 lines of STL, the b maXX-drivePLC is suitable for both comprehensive control and demanding motion control tasks. Through the use of our PLC, the control PLC can be assisted, down-sized or even completely replaced. Transparency and clarity is created in the application via the clean decoupling of motion control applications from the machine program.

b maXX-local-drivePLC — a complete control unit for the local axis

The b maXX-local-drivePLC can be integrated into the b maXX 4400 servo controller series and enables the uncomplicated creation of control technology programs with ProMaster or PROPROG wtIII. As an expansion to the b maXX-drivePLC, it allows you to solve simple automation tasks economically.

Speed up your applications

  • Makes drives user-programmable
  • Delivers excellent real-time performance
  • Increases availability
  • Reduces control cabinet size
  • Ensures a consistently stable system



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