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Prodigy® Motion Boards

Model: PR Series

Performance Motion Devices

Prodigy®/CME Machine-Controllers are multi-axis (1-4) boards with on-board amplifiers. They provide high-performance motion control for medical, scientific, automation, industrial, and robotic applications. Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis configurations, these boards support DC Brush, Brushless DC, and step motors and allow user-written C-language code to be downloaded and run directly on the board. The Prodigy/CME Machine-Controller has on-board Atlas digital amplifiers that eliminate the need for external amplifiers. To build a fully functioning system only a single HV power supply, motors, and cabling are needed. Host interface options include Ethernet UDP and TCP, CANbus, RS-232, and RS-485.

At the core of every Prodigy/CME Machine-Controller Board is a Magellan IC which speaks PMD's common language C-Motion, thereby ensuring compatibility with the entire range of PMD motion control products.

Performance Motion Devices' Developer Kits are integrated hardware and software packages for exercising Prodigy/CME Machine Controller. Included in the developer kit are the selected Prodigy board and various cables to make it easy to communicate with the Prodigy board and connect to the motor and associated peripherals. All developer kits come with Pro-Motion, PMD's convenient Windows-based motor setup and optimization software, a complete C-Motion SDK, manuals, schematics, and software examples.

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