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NET3600E-ECM High Performance EtherCAT Controller


NET3600E-ECM is an open real-time EtherCAT controller over Windows real-time extension, RTX, allowing integrating users' algorithm and I/O control with communication cycle up to 250 μs. Not only does NET3600E-ECM support CoE protocol, but it also provides advanced API for CiA 402 profile, enabling seamless integration with servo drivers. Distributed Clocks function support allows synchronization of all slave modules. In addition, NET3600E-ECM offers comprehensive and easy-to-use application configurator, NexCAT, for system development and debugging to speed up development period.

Main Features:

  • Supports 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5-3610 processor with Intel® QM77 PCH
  • EtherCAT technology with NexECM, Class A EtherCAT Master, and RTX2012
  • EtherCAT communication cycle up to 250 μs
  • Supports CoE protocol
  • Supports high-level API for CiA 402 profile
  • Supports DC (Distributed Clocks) technology
  • Built-in full function EtherCAT application configurator, NexCAT
  • Management of real time task SDK
  • I/O access API for Windows user mode and RTX subsystem



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