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All-In-One EtherCAT I/O Module

Model: NEIO-B1841


NexCOBOT, a reliable partner for intelligent solutions, is now providing NEIO-B1841 as its new version of EtherCAT slave I/O devices to include both analog and digital I/O modules for users to much easier build up their control system.

Optimization of Automation

As Internet of Things is accelerating into its comprehensive commercialization phase, a function-rich I/O module can optimize automation processes that reward EtherCAT users with simplified device set, efficient production flow and greater cost efficiency. NEIO-B1841 can easily handle collaborative functionality with peripheral devices that install sensors to function as analog data collection; such as distances, flows or forces; on top of collaborations via digital I/O modules.

Best-in-Class with Most Comprehensive Specifications

NEIO-B1841 on-shelf product provides EtherCAT users flexibility to instantly tailor their own specifications into their control systems. Multifunction DAQ (8-CH AI, 2-CH AO, 16-CH DI/O) is inclusive for individual choices. Its analog input and output module can be switched between current and voltage modes, while the ranges are also adjustable under both modes. With resolution reaching 16 bit and sample rate reaching 1K Hz, both are at top quality level.

Superior User Experience

As a leading professional IoT automation solution provider and one of ETG members with all its products certified by CTT (EtherCAT Conformance Test) as necessary, NexCOBOT further enhances the user experience for NEIO-B1841 with features including:

  • User-friendly wiring labels to save time searching through manuals.
  • QR code for ESI files to provide instant access to ESI download link.
  • Rational pin-assignment marks to prevent blind spot for information checking.
  • Finger-safe wiring covers to provide wire protection and human safety.
  • On-module LED indicators to show clear status and help for quickly diagnosing.

NEIO series includes EtherCAT slave I/O modules for distributed industrial applications, each equipped with high density I/O (up to 32 points) and powerful features in a compact size to provide easy installation and cost advantages, especially for machine control and robotic control applications, as well as factory automation, machine automation and power control panel.

NexCOBOT provides total EtherCAT motion solutions, ranging from new system design to customized build, with comprehensive products from its own factories, including EtherCAT master controllers, EtherCAT I/O , EtherCAT motion controllers, EtherCAT slave modules and even EtherCAT slave chips, as well as robot arms applicable to various industries and configuration tool controlling motions. CNC, general machines, collaborative robots and industrial robots are also possible applications.

For product information and specification details, please check out our website.

Main Feature:

  • Finger-safe wiring covers
  • Rotational pin-assignment marks
  • User-friendly wiring label
  • 8-ch AI, 2-ch-AO, 8-ch DI, 8-ch DO
  • Adjustable analog Input and output range
  • 16-bit AI/AO resolution
  • Watchdog function

Order Information:

NEIO-B1841 (P/N: 10J80184100X0)



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