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Single-Axis Motor Drive

Model: XC4

Aerotech, Inc.

The XC4 PWM digital drive is a high-performance single-axis motor drive designed for motion control applications. All versions are compatible with the Automation 3200 motion platform utilizing the HyperWire® motion bus. 

The XC4 PWM amplifiers control brushless DC, brush DC, voice coil, and stepper motor types at up to 320 VDC operating voltage and 30 A peak current capability. 

The current loop and servo-loop are closed digitally to ensure the highest level of positioning accuracy and rate stability. This allows loop closure rates of up to 20 kHz and allows digital and analog I/O processing, data collection, process control, and encoder multiplication tasks in real time.

Standard features for the XC4 include Safe Torque Off (STO), a data array consisting of over 4 million 32-bit elements, digital and analog I/O (see table), one-axis Position Synchronized Output (PSO), dedicated home and end-of-travel limit inputs, and an enhanced current sense device. Encoder support includes square-wave, sine-wave, and absolute encoders. 

The standard XC4 accepts square-wave encoder feedback at rates of up to 40 million counts-per-second. Sine-wave encoders can be multiplied by up to 16,384, producing high-resolution position feedback, with the optional encoder multiplier feature. 

Each single-axis XC4 PWM digital drive has an optional I/O expansion board, greatly increasing the number of I/O points. This I/O board includes a dedicated PSO output and a PSO synchronization input, often used to synchronize process control with an external mode-locked frequency input.



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