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MGB Series

Model: MGB400-11

American Control Electronics

The MGB400 Series is a microprocessor-based, fully regenerative SCR control designed to provide basic but scalable function at very economical price points. Gone is the traditional ‘adder card’ that contained logic. That has reduced overall height by 33%, thus fitting into control panel space that most regenerative SCRs cannot. The MGB400 maintains the traditional ACE footprint and mounting pattern, making it easy for existing regenerative drive users to upgrade. The MGB400 was designed with the idea of customization for OEMs, with 4 trim pots and several inputs eligible for modification to suite your needs. Standard MGB400’s can perform speed or torque mode. The drive can accept a bidirectional signal, or provides a jumper so that bidirectional control can be achieved using only a unidirectional signal.


  • ACE Footprint: Traditional ACE mounting pattern and footprint
  • Microprocessor Based: Allows custom programming for OEMs
  • 4Q Reversing: Regenerative / 4-Quadrant drives have the ability to perform quick and contactorless braking and/or reversing on-the-fly
  • Torque Mode: Can be used for speed control or torque control for tension applications
  • Configurable Stop Switch: Can be configured to be either normally open or normally closed, and to coast or regeneratively brake.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Current Limit, Status (Power, Enabled, Fault)

Technical Data

  • 1.37 Form Factor
  • 1% Base Speed Regulation
  • 50:1 Speed Range

Trim Pots

  • Maximum Speed
  • Offset
  • Current Limit
  • IR Compensation



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