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ION® 500 and 3000 Digital Drives

Model: DD1 Series

Performance Motion Devices

ION stand-alone drives deliver intelligence and power in a compact package

The ION® 500 and 3000 Digital Drives provide high-performance motion control, network connectivity, and power amplification for Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors. ION Digital Drives are ideal for medical, scientific, robotic, and automation applications that demand the ease of use and power that only cable-connected drives can deliver, such as; a full complement of motion control features including profile generation, servo-loop closure, commutation, direct quadrature encoder input, and extensive safety and performance monitoring features. These single-axis drives allow you to download and run a complete C-language program directly onto the drive. Additional features include general purpose digital and analog I/O, Serial, CANbus and Ethernet communication. These compact, fully enclosed, stand-alone drives come in two overall power configurations, providing 500 Watts and 3,000 Watts of power amplification in a compact DIN-mountable drive package.

Performance Motion Devices Developer’s Kits are easy-to-use board and software packages that significantly reduce motion system design time.

Visit our website to learn more about the family of ION® Digital Drives. 




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